MOOZ 시리즈 Full - 2개 Z축 3D프린팅 + Laser + CNC 기능 3가지를 지원함. 

본 제품은 이제 단종되며, 향후 한층 Upgrade 된 MOOZ2+ 로 만나겠습니다. 


Upgrades of DOBOT MOOZ-2 PLUS include:

3-in-1: 3D Printer + Laser Engraver + CNC Carver

DOBOT MOOZ-2 PLUS can do 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving when installed with corresponding end tools. Engraving is 3 times faster with 1.6w laser, compared to the old one with 1.5w.

Greater Build Volume for Greater Ideas

DOBOT MOOZ-2 PLUS expands the effective print area to 200*200*190mm (7.87*7.87*7.48in), giving you more freedom to print larger and more complex models.

Optimized Detail Designs

The upgraded heated bed comprises a magnetic removable glass platform and a flexible steel print sheet. The glass platform remains flat to ensure the build bed’s leveling stays consistent throughout. After printing, users can easily take down the flexible steel print sheet together with the print, gently bend the steel sheet, and the print will be popped off easily.

DOBOT MOOZ-2 PLUS is designed to pause automatically after power failure occurs or filament is running out, and printing will resume until a new spool of filament is loaded or power regained.

The latest deceleration dual-drive extruder delivers consistent extrusion and makes a better fit with TPU and other flexible filaments.

With a removable auto-leveling module, DOBOT MOOZ-2 PLUS requires no manual bed leveling with complex leveling systems, making print bed calibration quick and easy.

CNC clamps have been optimized to hold the material more securely. An MDF board is added to separate the material and platform, making CNC carving safer.